The following is a list of art materials that I use most regularly for comic art – these are my own personal preferences based on trial and error over a long period of time but many more options are available, so try lots and see what suits you best. These are listed as Amazon affiliate but you can buy most or similar items from many more online or physical stores.

mechanical pencil


I prefer Mechanical pencils to save on mess and sharpening blunt leads, you can get a variety of colors and hardness of pencils – I prefer blue and red and 0.5 and 0.7mm leads.

Pentel 0.7mm Pencil

Pentel 0.5mm Energize Pencil

Tikky Mechanical Pencil Set

0.5mm Red refills

0.7mm Blue refills

0.5mm HB Grey refills

Non-repro Blue Pencil

ink pens

Inking Pens

A selection of inking pens, and pen brushes. Make sure you get waterproof permanent inks.

Mangaka Fine

Mangaka Medium

Mangaka Pens

Zig Artist Pen

Tombow Dual Brush

Magnum Sharpie

V5 Rollerballs

V7 Rollerballs

Tikky Fineliner Set

Pitt Pens

Pigment Liners

White Ink

White Inks / Pens

Perfect for adding special effects and drawing over black areas (as well as fixing the odd mistake)

Pentel Correction Pens

Pentel Hybrid

Signo Gel Pen

Gelly Pens

Posca Paint Pen

Tipp-Ex Correction Pens

Titanium White Pencil

White Signo Pen

Deleter Manga Ink

Dip Pen

Black Ink

A selection of nib pens and liquid inks. Make sure you get waterproof permanent inks.

Comic Dip-Pen Holders

Zig Cartoonist Set

Rapidograph Ink

Kuretake Ink

Black Magic Ink

Indian Ink


You’ll need a paper surface that can handle ink and colour markers without bleeding and take heavy erasing without tearing. Pre-printed Blueline pages are available too.

A4 sketchpad

A3 sketchpad

A3 Illustration Board

Blueline Comic Boards

Blueline Bristol Board

Blank Trading Cards

French curves

Drawing Aids

You will need a selection of tools to help you draw shapes and angles accurately.

Metal Rulers

Set Squares

Drawing Compass


French Curves and Shape Templates

Putty eraser


Mainly for tidying up and fixing mistakes but can also be used to add effects to pencil art. The ‘best’ ones really depend on what type of pencils you are using them with.

Tombow Holder Eraser and refills

Putty Eraser

Hard Eraser

marker pens


High-quality blendable markers for colouring artwork. Available individually and in sets.

Skin Tones set

Assorted Set

Neutral Tones set

Neon set

Metallic set