Comic Art Classes

For ages 8 – 16

Our physical AFTER SCHOOL COMIC ART CLUB for kids has now been running successfully for several years (Covid aside). We teach children the basic skills required to draw their favourite comic characters or create their own characters and books in a relaxed and fun environment.

Classes for ages 8 -16 are currently held on Thursday evenings at Fire Station Creative in Dunfermline.

We also offer comic book art classes for both individual 1-to-1 lessons, libraries, community groups, and School visits, please enquire for more details and costs.



29th of August to the 3rd of October


LEVEL 1 at 4.30 – 5.30 PM for ages 8 – 14

25th of August to the 29th of September


LEVEL 1 at 5 – 5.55 PM for ages 8 up at Primary School
LEVEL 2 at 6.05 – 7 PM for High School pupils

Classes are bookable in block sessions at a cost of £45 per block (limited spaces are available and are allocated on a first come first served basis, with existing pupils having priority rebooking status). Due to class size limitations, bookings are non-refundable.


Classes concentrate on the basic drawing skills required and focuses on how to draw specific items, character types, anatomy etc. through walkthrough tutorials.

Examples of lessons covered in Level 1 classes include:

  • How to draw the human face
  • anatomy and proportions
  • dynamic poses
  • perspective
  • character design


Classes require at least a reasonable level of drawing ability and an understanding of the basics of anatomy, perspective etc. This class is task and project-based where the students work more independently and have more freedom to interpret the brief.

Examples of lessons covered in Level 2 classes include:

  • Designing covers
  • Layouts
  • Working from scripts
  • Character design/redesigns
  • Different comic art styles
  • Inking


If you or a family member are showing symptoms please do not attend the physical classes and follow current guidelines.


Antibacterial hand gel is available for visitors to use at the side door and on each floor of the building, including in the classroom itself. Handwashing facilities are accessible for the children in the disabled toilet next to the classroom.

I will also disinfect the chairs and tables myself before and after each session.

Food and drinks will no longer be allowed into the class, although bottled water will be acceptable.


Masks are now optional.


You can either wait at the side of the building or wait in cars until I come down to let the kids in/out for collection.

We can no longer accommodate early entry/drop-offs or late pick-ups as this time is now needed for extra cleaning procedures, so please make sure you arrive at the correct times for both drop-off and pick-ups.


In order to minimize physical contact with shared objects, we ask that you bring along your own materials such as paper/sketchbooks, pencils, colouring pens, crayons, etc. – many already do this anyway.

I’ve listed some of the materials I regularly use here but you can get alternative versions of everything at other stationery/art stores, supermarkets, etc. The High school class has a more task-based approach, so please make sure that your child brings a device of some sort that they can do research on if required.

The above information is all subject to change in line with updated Government advice, we will continue to review official advice and make decisions as appropriate.

Keep well.