Comic Art Classes

For ages 8 – 16

Our physical AFTER SCHOOL COMIC ART CLUB for kids has now been running successfully for several years (Covid aside). We teach children the basic skills required to draw their favourite comic characters or create their own characters and books in a relaxed and fun environment.

Classes are currently offered for ages 8 -16. Monday classes are for HIGH SCHOOL ONLY and Thursday classes are for PRIMARY SCHOOLS ONLY. We also offer comic book art classes for both individual 1-to-1 lessons and School visits, please enquire for more details and costs.



MONDAY CLASS (Level 2) at 5 – 6 PM for High School Kids
Running from the 1st of November to the 6th of December
THURSDAY CLASS (Level 1) at 5 – 6 PM for ages 8 up at Primary School
Running from the 4th of November to the 9th of December


Classes are bookable in block sessions at a cost of £45 per block (limited spaces are available and are allocated on a first come first served basis – due to class size limitations bookings are non-refundable).


Classes concentrate on the basic drawing skills required and focuses on how to draw specific items, character types, anatomy etc. through walkthrough tutorials.

Examples of lessons covered in Level 1 classes include:

  • How to draw the human face
  • anatomy and proportions
  • dynamic poses
  • perspective
  • character design


Classes require at least a reasonable level of drawing ability and an understanding of the basics of anatomy, perspective etc. This class is task and project-based where the students work more independently and have more freedom to interpret the brief.

Examples of lessons covered in Level 2 classes include:

  • Designing covers
  • Layouts
  • Working from scripts
  • Character design/redesigns
  • Different comic art styles
  • Inking


Please make sure that your children have read the current rules and are familiar with them.


As with everywhere else if you or a family member are showing symptoms please do not attend the physical classes, please self-isolate, book a test, and follow current guidelines.


Antibacterial hand gel is available for visitors to use at the side door and on each floor of the building, including in the classroom itself. Handwashing facilities are accessible for the children in the disabled toilet next to the classroom.

I will also disinfect the chairs and tables myself before and after each session.

Food and drinks will no longer be allowed into the class, although bottled water will be acceptable.


ALL children need to wear masks in communal areas, for instance on entry to the building and on stairwells. Children do not need to wear masks in the Thursday class but they are welcome to do so if they prefer. Everyone in the Monday Class must wear a mask.


We will be going back to using ‘group’ tables (no more than 4 at each table re the current households rule) but individually spaced out tables can still be set up for those that prefer this. When booking please advise if you wish for your child to be at a single table or at a group table – We need to know this in advance to both set up the room and for class numbers.

When children arrive and are given their seats they will be asked to stay at their specific table for the duration of the class (toilet breaks being the exception). Please make sure your child fully understands and can adhere to all of the rules before booking them into a class, I know this can be difficult for the youngest kids especially as interacting and playing with other kids between tables was part of the class before – hopefully, we can return to that soon.


When confirming your booking please provide an up-to-date contact number and a note of the school that your child attends for track and trace purposes. We will take a simple register in each class confirming which children have attended. These registers will be destroyed after the official holding period.


Outdoor social distancing rules are no longer in effect but please wear masks as appropriate in line with the current rules. You can either wait at the side of the building or wait in cars until I come down just before 5 to let the kids in, I will also bring the kids down at 6 for collection, so no adults should need to enter the building – if you do need to enter for any reason then please observe indoor distancing rules, mask-wearing and use the gels made available.

Under current circumstances, we can no longer accommodate early entry/drop-offs or late pick-ups as this time is now needed for extra cleaning procedures, so please make sure you arrive at the correct times for both drop-off and pick-ups.


In order to minimize physical contact with shared objects, the kids will now be asked to bring along their own materials such as paper/sketchbooks, pencils, colouring pens, crayons, etc. – many already do this anyway – please make sure that your kids understand that these are for their own use only and not sharing.

I’ve listed some of the materials I regularly use here  but you can get alternative versions of everything at other stationery/art stores, supermarkets etc.

As the class will now be more spread out and I will also be teaching at more of a distance than previously, many of the classes will now involve handouts as part of the teaching. The Monday class has returned to a more task-based approach again, so please make sure that your child brings a device of some sort that they can do research on if required.

The above information is all subject to change in line with updated Government advice, we will continue to review official advice and make decisions as appropriate.

Keep well.