Cosplay Life Drawing Class

For ages 16 upward


Join us for two hours of Cosplay themed life-drawing. Working from cosplayers and professional life drawing models rocking costumes and comic based poses, come and draw a succession of quick dynamic poses to hone your art skills!

We will start with quick poses and warm-up exercises and then progress to ten and fifteen minute poses. Tuition and guidance will be available on request or work untutored and enjoy the tunes if you prefer!

There will be a short period of time built in at the end to give the opportunity to show your work (if you choose), and to socialise with other artists in the group.

Class Structure

Our Cosplay life drawing classes follow a similar structure to traditional life drawing classes. Our models will be clothed in costumes from comics, TV, films, and games and will be in a variety of poses to allow you to observe how various materials interact with the human body as well as the body’s flow and ‘lines of action’.

In our shorter poses, we will ask our models to hold more dynamic ‘action’ poses in relation to the genre and character that they are modeling.

There will be several posing formats in each session which will vary depending on the model and the poses involved. Typical examples will involve a set of quick sketch warm up poses where the model will hold a pose for between 1-5 minutes, longer poses for around 20-30 minutes, and a more detailed study pose lasting between 40-60 minutes at the end of the session.

The models will be able to hold more difficult poses for the shorter times whereas the longer poses will involve more relaxed poses.

Everyone will be free to draw in any manner or style that suits them but the tutor will make some suggestions to try in order to practice specific skills, this might involve exercises like drawing the figure without looking at the paper, only drawing the negative space around the model, or overlaying moving figures. Drawing in different ways like this will help to train your brain to observe the figure more fully.

Art tools

Due to COVID we will not be supplying any art material in order to avoid spread through the sharing of items. If you are just starting the very basics that you will need to bring along are willow charcoal sticks (or failing that good quality 2b and b pencils), a rubber (ideally kneaded/putty), some paper/sketchpad ideally at least A3, and a sharpener. If using willow charcoal you will also need a fixative spray. You may also need some masking tape or clips to hold your paper to boards and ideally a hard folder to protect your work. You can, of course, bring along any materials that you prefer to work with.

The studio has plenty of individual tables, chairs, and art-boards available to lean your paper/sketchpads on but only a few easels are available on a first-come-first-served basis. If you are using any of these you will be asked to wipe them down before and after use – disinfectant spray will be available.